Meditating in the Matrix

Meditating in the Matrix is a healing practice of Making space for All and Nothing. Sharing. Listening. Reflecting. Letting images, feelings and sensations come and go. Making space for all and nothing. Dreaming together. Tasting the fullness of Life.

Our dreams are stories about our lives. With a twist. And a vision: They point the way out while showing us everything as it is. Our highs and lows. Our hopes and fears. Traumas, losses, longings.

Experience how sharing dreams in a meditative state opens you to the wisdom and creativity of the unconscious. Dive in, explore the healing power of dream weaving … “dive, Into your increasing depths where life, Calmly gives out its own secret” as Rilke wrote. Look into someone else’s mirror and recognize yourself, seeing our shared human condition. This is where the healing begins, of collective and individual trauma.

The Magic of the Matrix is going places long forgotten or never ever seen. Then seeing: What ails you, ails us all. What matters to you, matters to us too. Like love and freedom and friendship.

The Magic of the Matrix is knowing yourself as a part of the whole. Not separate. Not incomplete. But whole. At home with strangers.

The Magic of the Matrix is in this experience; what we share is bigger than what keeps us apart. Across borders, centuries and cultures we all want to be loved, to belong, and live meaningful lives. And we all have felt unwanted, alone, without purpose.

The Magic of the Matrix is an effortless being. Dreamwork yet no work at all. At ease in open space, together, with strangers. Going nowhere on a journey of the mind into shared inner landscapes. Resting in the not knowing, not going.

The Magic of the Matrix is letting everything happen to you, the way the poet Rilke proposed. Beauty and terror. Just keep going. And you will see: No feeling is final. The Matrix leads the way out of the dark into the light. Herein the healing lies.

The Matrix will be online.

Dates: August 29, September 12 & 26, October 3 2021

Time: 18.00 – 20.15 (CPH)
Price: 150 per session or 500,- for the whole course

Payment: PayPal or MobilePay 22925304