About Jetthe

Jetthe Fabioola

Jungian psychology and the resources of the dream world run like a river through my work life. I read Jungs Memories as a young student. Ever since I have explored ways of bringing the creativity of the unconscious into every day use.



As an anthropologist I researched dreams and child culture, and developed a pedagogical method for dream work. I co-founded a primary school, ”Børne-universitetet på Vesterbro” where dreams are part of the curriculum. Then I met Monte, who was a life time ahead of me in bringing dreams beyond the therapy room.


Dream group Leader 

In New York I studied with Professor Dr. Montague Ullman. Monte taught me his Ullman Method and was my mentor for 10 years, till his passing at the age of 92.



At the Vedfelt Institute I studied with Lene and Ole Vedfelt. And experienced how dreams, body awareness, creative expression and meditation enhance the good old talking cure. With sandplay therapist Birte Glud I explored the power of sandplay. Then I returned to the Jung Institute in Copenhagen.



Meditation has been part of my life for 30+ years. I have studied across traditions with many great teachers. And I am authorised by Lama Tsultrim Allione to teach practices such as Feeding Your Demons, bringing personal work into the spiritual container, uniting jungian psychology with buddhist philosophy.