Wisdom Mandala

Into the White – a New Year in the Wisdom Mandala

Finland, January 3. – 5. 2020

Start a new year by greeting your self with compassion. Meet the five Wisdom Dakinis, five energies, five aspect of your being. Experience the joy and freedom of transforming difficult emotions into resources, that may enrich you throughout the year.

In the obstructed version the five energies are blocked states of mind we experience when trapped in difficult emotions. During the retreat you may experience how the enlightened state is always just a breath away. Explore how mandala meditation transforms.

  • Confusion and depression to an open peaceful mind
  • Anger and overthinking to clarity
  • Not feeling good enough to equanimity
  • Craving and longing to discernment and compassion
  • Envy and speediness to free flowing activity

The process is stimulated by alternating between meditation, mindful movement, creative expressions and exchange in the group. The work is based on Lama Tsultrim Alliones approach to the feminine in Vajrayana Buddhism, bringing personal work into the spiritual container. 


Mandala is sanskrit and means holy circle. But the circle itself is a universal symbol of wholeness. And when we enter into the mandala, we enter into the zone, where the self-healing resources of our body and mind are activated.

The mandala offers a spirituel model, based on an ancient tibetan tradition, where feminine energy is accepted in a fierce and powerful form.

The Dakinis

Dakinis are female wisdom beings, our rolemodels and guides on the journey. They symbolise the enlightened feminine. Our intuitive, embodied wisdom,  Wrathful, fearless and free. Just like Nordic Freja or greek Pallas Athene.

Fierce and powerful feminine energy is often seen as a threat. But it is a part of the psyche in both men and women. When suppressed it causes pain. When we welcome the Dakini and cultivate awareness of her energy, destructive tendencies transform into creative life-force. 


Online meetings are offered after the retreat, where you may explore further into the Mandala.


Date: January 3rd – 5th 2020
Price: Early Bird 300 EU.  After Nov 31. 350 EU

Venue: Lammi Retreat Center- 

Registration, deposit and inquiries: breathingartmandala@gmail.com

“The mandala is an archetypal image whose occurrence is attested throughout the ages. It signifies the wholeness of the Self. This circular image represents the wholeness of the psychic ground or, to put it in mythic terms, the divinity incarnate in man.” Carl Jung


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