Dreaming Dakini

Dreaming Dakini Online

Fall in love with the Wisdom of your Dreams. Bring Creativity, Inspiration and Guidance from the dreamworld into your life.

Challenging times are times to learn from the great big collective un conscious. Maybe you remember more dreams these days, as we are all given a chance to slow down and look into our inner world.

Your dreams and your body hold vital information, that can help you reconnect with the essence of your being. When you re-enter dream scapes and dialogue with Archetypes, healing and a new sense of direction emerge.

In this women’s group you have the opportunity to awaken your natural potential to enrich your life. Experience how joy and creativity arise when you become free of fears and limiting beliefs about your lack of power. The process alternates between meditation, dream, art and body work.

Meditation and movement support the process of returning to the body, freeing stuck energy and helping you open to the meaning of the dream. And fall in Love with your brilliant sanity.

Dakinis are female wisdom beings, who speak the language of our dreams.


Sign up: Jetthe.fabioola@gmail.com

Dates: 20 april, 4. & 18 may, 1. june
Time: 17.00 – 19.30 CET
Price: 1200,- d.kr  or by donation for every one affected economically by the corona crisis
Place: Online. You will recieve an invitation to join the meeting when you sign up.

Payment by mobil pay 22 92 53 04 or Paypal


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