Turning Crisis into Growth 

You may be struggling, feeling sad or overwhelmed. By stress, anxiety, depression, relationship challenges. Therapy can help.  By allowing you to look deeper into your problems and worries. Transforming troublesome feelings and habits by meeting whatever arises with kindness.

Most of us experience times of crisis in our life. Times of no hope, no sense of direction. Therapy transforms crisis into personal growth. 


Feeling Pain – Awaken Joy  

In therapy we welcome all of you, also the difficult feelings. Your tears, worries, anxiety, anger. I support you in connecting with inner resurses, that awaken joy and allows a new sense of direction to emerge. 


How does it work? 

I am trained in diffrent methods. So we adopt to your needs and preferences. Body awareness, dreams, creative expression and meditation can be part of our sessions – if you like. 


Meditation bringing clarity and calmness to the mind, can support the process.


We meet every week or every second week.