In the Still of Your Body

Morning Meditation with Prajna Paramita


Just sitting with others in the morning.

Settling into the Still of Your Body.

Calling on The Great Mother, Prajna Paramita.

Asking for help.

Sliding into the Nature of Mind.

Meeting your day with an Open Heart.


The Great Mother, Prajna Paramita is a symbol of your own primordial wisdom. She is the embodiment of transcendent wisdom, the Nature of Mind, the very nature of space.

When we turn to Prajna Paramita for help, we enter into a spacious state of mind, finding relief and support for meeting our challenges and living each day with an open heart.

In Tibet, Prajna Paramita features prominently in the Chod system created by one of the most well-known female dharma teachers, Machik Labdron.

“The Primordial Mother is the pure essence of the sphere of emptiness” – Machik Labdron (1055-1150)



 Date: Every Tuesday
Time: 7.30 – 8.30 (Copenhagen time)

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