The Perks of being a Meditator 

Longing for more peace of mind, harmony and joy? Less stress, confusion, anxiety. A meditation practice settles your mind, bringing clarity and a gentle calm and open awareness. And yes, even joy.


Give your self  a Present a Day    

Prioritise your self. Moments of quiet, settling in, turning your awareness inwards. Becoming aware of how you are. How you feel. What you need. Connecting with the inner knowing of what really matters. 


Be Playful  

You dont need to sit on a cushion to meditate. A quiet cosy corner is a good place to start. But you can ride your bike, take a walk or cut veggies with awareness. Meditate in your life.  


Whatever it Takes 

The trick is to continue. To get a lasting effect. So we design a practice that awakens your curiosity and feels meaningful. We make perseverance a joy. 


  • Guidance in formal meditation practice
  • Integration of the body 
  • Meditation and mindfulness in everyday life  

You receive guided meditations and a reading list, if you wish.

We meet in my practice in Frederiksberg or on Skype.