Mindful Dreaming in Barcelona

Mindful Dreaming is a unique and playful method for accessing the wisdom of your dreams. During this retreat you may explore how creativity, insights and guidance from the dreamworld can be a support in your daily life.

The proces is stimulated by alternating between inner work with dreams, mindful movement, creative expression and exchange in the group.


What Really Matters 

We often put aside our own needs to please others. We accommodate out of fear, insecurity, misunderstood compassion. We also pay the price; stress, anxiety, depression.

Dreamwork is mindfulness par excellence. It points you to what really matters and to resources, allowing healing and a new sense of direction to emerge: 

  • Trust in your feelings and sensations
  • Courage to explore new aspects of yourself
  • Creativity, humour and energy


Be Who You Really Are 

Your dreams and your body hold information to help you discover who you really are, giving you the courage to feel and to be present with whatever arises. It stimulates your inherent wisdom and compassion.


Date: February 1th. – 3rd.  2019

Price: 240 EU

Place: TARIQUAH, C/Gran de Gracia 115, Barcelona 

Mindful Dreaming brings personal work into the container of spiritual practice across traditions. It’s a unique and playful method for accessing inner wisdom through jungian psychology, body awareness, creativity and meditation.