Wisdom Rising

Living The Mandala of Your Life

Experience the Mandala principle by connecting with the 5 Wisdom Dakinis and their fierce female energy. During the retreat you have the opportunity to transform difficult emotions into wise and powerful expressions for you to have in everyday life. Explore the Vastness of your Mind. 

In their obstructed forms the five energies are states of imprisonment we experience when caught in troublesome feelings and habits. During the meditation these mind states transform into their wisdom aspect i.e. confusion becomes spaciousness, anger clarity and low self esteem equanimity.

Wisdom Rising is based on Lama Tsultrim Alliones approach to the feminine in Vajrayana Buddhism, bringing personal work into the spiritual container. 

The process is stimulated by alternating between meditation, mindful movement, creative expressions and exchange in the group. 


The Fierce and Powerful Feminine 

Fierce and powerful feminine energy is often seen as a threat. It has many names; bitchy, whitch-like or masculine. Actually it is a part of the psyche in both men and women. When suppressed, it runs amok in destructive forms. When we welcome the Dakini and cultivate awareness of her energy, destructive tendencies transforms into creative life-force. 

Dakinis are female wisdoms beings. Like their Nordic sister the goddess Freja, the Sumerian Innana or greek Pallas Athene they symbolise our ability to give birth to and embody our creative potential.

The Mandala, a universal symbol of wholeness, offers a spirituel model, based on an ancient tibetan tradition, where feminine energy is accepted in a fierce and powerful form.

Four follow up on-line meetings you the opportunity to explore further into the Mandala of your Life. 


Next Wisdom Rising Retreat: Autumn 2019 

The Peaceful Male and the Union will be offered in 2020 


Previous Wisdom Rising Retreats


The 5 Dakinis: Aug 25.-26 2018

The Union: Feb16.-18. 2018 

The Peaceful Male: June 3.-4. 2017   

The 5 Dakinis: Feb 16.-18. 2017


The 5 Dakinis: Sept 7.- 9. 2018